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Blackberry is Suing Twitter for Alleged Patent Infringement

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Former smartphone makers, Blackberry is suing Twitter for alleged patent infringement.

This is coming barely a year after they sued Facebook for similar reasons.

The Canadian company is filing the lawsuit over six of its patents. They include things like mobile advertising techniques, push notifications and muting notifications for a message thread, among others.

Blackberry accuses Twitter of using mobile messaging applications that incorporate their user interface and functionality.

In 2018, Blackberry sued Facebook for seven patent infringements that related to security, mobile messaging in games and user interface features, among others. In September of the same year, Facebook in return filed a lawsuit of its own against Blackberry. They alleged that Blackberry infringed on five of its own patents.

The case between Blackberry and Facebook is still in court.

Blackberry stopped manufacturing its own phones in 2016 when it announced that it is now a software company.

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