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Black Panther 2 streaming release date still in doubt

Black Panther 2 streaming release date still in doubt as Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures is choosing to keep mum about when it will be available on Disney+. Typically, Marvel movies have a 45-day wait date before they go to streaming platforms. However, we have seen cases where the timeline changed.

For example, Eternals and Shang-Chi took about 70 days after their theatrical release to hit the streaming network and even Thor: Love and Thunder was up to 64 days.

What determines when a movie hits streaming platforms? The values vary and we have seen cases where movies were released simultaneously for streaming and in the cinemas. Typically, its ability to make money in theatres (or box office), keeps it exclusive.

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If a movie has the potential to break and set records, studios will restrict it to theatres to force just about everyone to leave home and go see it on the big screen.

For Black Panther: Wakanda Forever or Black Panther 2, fans may be in for a long wait time. As it is the final film in Phase Four of the MCU, the makers may be looking towards it to end the phase with a bang. Also, with its prequel hitting $1.348 billion in the box office, Marvel could try as much as possible to see the sequel approach such monstrous numbers.

After its premier in Hollywood on October 26 and in Lagos on November 6, the movie began airing internationally on November 9 and will be showing in the US on November 11. Its performance will determine how quickly it will be available for streaming.

As things stand, we are projecting that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever streaming release date will be sometime in January or February 2023. If its date goes beyond February, it will become the Marvel movie that stayed off Disney+ the longest after its release in the cinemas. Meanwhile, in France, it will only start streaming in early 2024 due to film policies over there.

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