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Bing Users Search For Google The Most On Their Edge Browsers

According to a lawyer from Alphabet, Bing users search for “Google” the most on their Edge browsers. This is after the biggest search engine company tries to defend its recent antitrust fine from the European Union.

The European Union says that Google is forcing its users to use its search engine on their smartphones. Even, making sure that most Andriod phones are reloaded with chromes and Google search makes it worse.

Google responded with new facts that “Google” is by “far” the most searched word on rival search engine Bing owned by Microsoft. The Verge cited statistics by SEO company Ahrefs, which shows that “Google” is truly the top searched term on the Bing website.

Google has added Mobile Remote compatibility for its Android users using Google TV. The convenience feature launch will definitely help users who are fond of losing their actual remote controllers. Users looking to use the new feature can either add the remote tile to quick settings. This can be done from an Android phone or via the Google TV app.

Google TV
Google TV
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This support seems to be only available for users running Android 12. Google says the mobile remote feature will also be coming to Andriod TV OS users in the future. This smart feature saves strenuous minutes of typing in passwords, names using the physical remotes.

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Intelligently, the mobile remote makes a lot of sense, as we already use our phones for most online streaming services. Google TV users can now quickly search for titles of movies, series on their smartphones.

Does the statement by Alphabet’s lawyer support their response to the antitrust fine from the European Union? The Judge for the case will probably decide that. The EU insists that Google will have to stop forcing phone makers from preloading Chrome and Google search.



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