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Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Commit Another $50 Million For COVID-19 Vaccines

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a commitment of an additional $50 million for vaccines to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. The Foundation made the announcement at the Coronavirus Global Response Summit.


The Coronavirus Global Response Summit is a joint effort of governments, philanthropies, and the private sector towards tackling COVID-19.


This commitment includes $50 million in new funding for the vaccine alliance, Gavi. It is in addition to a $75 million it had previously announced for funding for diagnostics and therapeutics. This will in total make its commitment towards a global COVID-19 response $300 million.


“In order to beat COVID-19, the world needs more than great science. It needs great humanity, the commitment to help people beat this virus no matter where they live.


“This effort will help us do that. With the collective resources and brainpower pledged today, we’ll finally be able to attack this virus in the way it is attacking us – globally”,  Melinda Gates said in a statement announcing the commitment.

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Bill Gates Vaccines
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation committed another $50 million toward COVID-19 vaccines.   Photo: Getty Images.


The Gates Foundation had previously said that it split its focus on funding solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic into four areas;


— accelerating testing and detection of the virus

— rolling out and testing new protections from the disease in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

— boosting food assistance and social payment systems in low- and middle-income countries

— supporting the development of new COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines.


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