Biggest Announcements From Microsoft’s Surface Virtual Event

Biggest Announcements From Microsoft’s Surface Virtual Event

Microsoft’s virtual Surface event ended September 22nd 2021 with big announcements from the technology giants. The event lasting almost 2 hours unveiled the redesigned Surface Pro 8, Foladbale Surface Duo 2 and the top of the line Laptop Studio.

These Products from Microsoft are currently available for pre-order starting on September 22nd. While they will be available physically at Stores on October 5th. Also, in the announcement is the release of other devices such as the Surface Go 3, Its Slim Pen 2 and a new Mouse.

The Surface Pro 8

The new Surface Pro 8 has a major redesign with smaller bezels, a larger 13-inch screen and an addition of two Thunderbolts 4 ports. , Microsoft no longer supports the USB-A ports on this tablet and bigger batteries.

Surface Pro 8 is a media-centric 13-inch tablet with a 120Hz Dolby Vision display | Engadget
Surface Pro 8


Surface Duo 2 

Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 is official with MAJOR upgrades across the board | Windows Central

The Foldable Surface Duo 2 has a new design for its hinges. Making big improvements from the First Surface Duo, this foldable now supports 5G, 120hHz refresh rates and a triple-lens camera setup. This brings it to bar with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Flip 3.

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Laptop Studio 
Laptop Studio


Microsoft’s flagship product fixes the power problem it had with Book 4. It borrows design elements from the gigantic Studio while being attached to the base for power. The notebook allows the screen to be moved forward easily with room for creativity.

Surface Go 3

Surface Go 3 specs: Will new Intel processors be the difference maker? | Windows Central
Go 3


The direct competition to Apple’s iPad mini is the Surface Go 3. This new small tablet has new Intel processors. The big question remains if it can rival the iPad mini for specifications and value for money.


Surface Pen & Mouse 

Ocean Mouse

The Surace Pen 2 now has haptics built-in for more intuitive writing. Microsoft’s Stylus are among the best in the market, providing a true like Pen feel and functionality. Joining the sustainable product line is the new Surface Ocean plastic mouse. This mouse packaging is entirely made from 1000% recyclable materials. While the mouse has 20% recyclable ocean plastic.

The biggest surprise from the Surface event is the Surface Studio Laptop. While rumours of the Surface Duo 2 were true with utmost accuracy. Windows 11 is already available in new laptops coming out next month October 5th.



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