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Bez To Surprise Fans With “Most Impactful Album Yet” In June 2019

“Baby baby,
Oh oh, baby,
Why you come dey fear,
Say one day I go disappear,
You suppose know by now.”

– Bez, You Suppose Know


When the reassurance that is this song hit the airwaves in August 2015, we were all looking forward to what we thought was going to be an amazing album. We were not disappointed.


Gbagyi Child was later released in November of the following year. The 13-track sophomore album also featured songs like six-minute-long anthem There’s a Fire and the beautiful rendition that is Home to Gbagyi. Four years later, Bez is gifting us with yet another amazing album. The details, however, are still sketchy.


The Alternative/Indie musician and performer has revealed in an exclusive interview with Plat4om that he has a new album out in June 2019. Bez said:

“I have created an album now that will be released in June. I have also started working with other younger musicians as well who have been very instrumental in helping me with that creativity boost.”


Bez expressed his excitement about this new album, he added that he is super excited about it. “I think it will be one of my most impactful albums.” However, the super talented artiste is not giving too much about the album away. He said the name of the album will be announced soon. This is also going to be a surprise album because none of the songs on the album will be released before the album.


Bez Idakula album


Getting creative

He explains that he is not giving us any breaks this time and there is a lot more creativity to be expected. He said,

“After this album, in January, we are off to record again for another album.”


On his silence for the past few years, Bez said:

“I sort of went into a space and, for a while, I chose not to create. I needed to find what I was doing [and] I needed to know the path that I wanted to take.”


He continued,

“I mean, I knew the path from the beginning. But I think things changed and I just really needed to know where to go. Once I found that out, I was so eager to create again.”


He also explained that he has been working on the album for a while now and is in a good place, ready to give us more great sounds.


Look out for full interview on Plat4om on Friday, 19th April 9 am.

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