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Beware Of Joker Malware And How To Protect Your Android Phones From Them

The Joker malware is an Android mobile trojan that has been existing since 2017. Hackers and scammers use them to carry out billing fraud by using a user’s information to subscribe to paid premium services.


Threat Post, a security blog, mentions that Zimperium analysts found 64 new variants of the malware in September 2020. They came into Android smartphones from third-party stores, sideloaded applications and dubious sites.


However, the malware also appears as apps on Google Play Store as well. We had reported that Google will start purging Play Store of these types of apps soon. Yet, they may already have caused damage before this happens.

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“The Joker apps advertise themselves as legitimate apps (like games, wallpapers, messengers, translators and photo editors),” Threat Post says. Their aim is to simulate clicks and intercept messages as well as steal SMS messages, contact lists and device information.


Hackers who create new variants of the Joker malware do so to stay ahead of security actions. They make changes and tweak requirements to fly below the radar and still compromise security. Joker Trojan malware is also dangerous because it appears to be normal and regular users will never suspect a thing.


However, here are a few things you can do to protect yourself from malware on Android devices.

  • Ensure you download all your apps from Google Play Store.
  • Only download apps that you use regularly, that way, you can monitor permissions that you grant. Delete dormant apps if you have not used them for over a month.
  • Be careful of the sites you visit and don’t be click-happy, clicking on whims.
  • Stay up to date with security warnings such as this.

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