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Beware! Most Antivirus Apps On Android Do Not Work

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Android has a reputation for being the largest computing platform in the world. Most computer devices operate on the Android operating system. Its popularity and ease of access also make it prone to malware attacks. Unlike iOS, the Android OS can accept and transfer data from a variety of places. This means that there is always a possibility of your phone facing a major attack that can wreck it.

Beware! Most Antivirus Apps On Android Do Not Work

Usually, when you download an antivirus app on your phone, it hits you with daily checks and does multiple scanning that brings up a lot of malware on your mobile device. However, reports say that these antivirus apps usually overstate the problems and are quite vague. Android already has inbuilt security that can protect your device. The OS is very secure.

A report from antivirus comparatives, an Austrian independent organisation that tests and assesses antivirus software, states that most of the so-called antivirus apps do nothing to check for malicious behaviour on the devices. According to them, they just use white or blocked lists to flag apps. This method is found to be ineffective. Apparently, the type of ‘Malware’ that can affect the phone enough to pose a huge threat is not so easy to come by.

Beware! Most Antivirus Apps On Android Do Not Work

Android has made it so that you would need to visit the Play Store to download most apps, and the chances of you running into a dangerous malware are very slim. The most severe security risks will never make it into the Play store. The Google platform can scan for malware when an app is uploaded.

On the occasion where there is a major security threat or malware on your phone, most antivirus apps will not be able to pick it up. By downloading the antivirus apps, you will only get an app that constantly irritates you with updates, pop-up notifications and ads.

Beware! Most Antivirus Apps On Android Do Not Work

You also most likely do not need to install Lookout, AVG, Symantec/Norton, or any of the other antivirus apps on Android.

What you could do instead to protect your device is simple. Do not tamper with the Android default settings. The “Unknown Sources” in your security settings need to stay disabled. This will keep your device safe from most malicious malware.

Rooting your android devices can also be a very dangerous move. It leaves your device vulnerable and poses a security risk. Some malware needs root access to function and is otherwise harmless even if you do somehow install them.

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