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The Best earbuds deals on now

The Best earbuds deals on now

Earbuds deals are always dropping every day and these are the best you can get today. Note that if you use an iPhone, you might be better off pairing it with the Apple Airpods or Airpods Pro. However, if you are using an Android phone, here are the best earbuds to spend your money on now.

5. V9 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone (₦2,999)

V9 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone With Mic- Black.

Going for ₦2,999, this classic wireless Bluetooth earphone comes with a mic for handsfree calling. Although the design if from a past era, it pretty much gives you buttons for managing media experience. Also, it supports voice commands like “yes” and “no” to manage calls.

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4. Airdots Bluetooth Headset (₦5,000)

Airdots Bluetooth Headset.

You can buy the Redmi Airdots for just ₦5,000 and their polycarbonate makeup makes them feel lightweight. It offers bilateral calls and improved sound quality with its inbuilt noise reduction capabilities. The device supports one touch controls for music and double tap to wake your phone’s assistant, be it Siri, Google Assistant, or others.

3. I7s Tws Wireless Bluetooth Earphone (₦2,500)

I7s Tws Wireless Bluetooth Earphone - White.

Touted as an Android and iPhone supported “Sport Headphone,” I7s Tws Wireless Bluetooth Earphone can be used for calls and media. While it is not unique, it is shaped like the trendy Apple Airpods.

2. A&S Earbuds (₦7,000)


A&S Earbuds are compatible with all Bluetooth enable devices and they come with a large 2,000mAh battery. They have several touch control options including short press, double tap, 3-seconds press, next media and more.

1. Oraimo Knight 2 Oeb-e32s Earphone ₦4,800

Knight 2 Oeb-e32s Earphone - Black.

This is one of the best earbuds deals right now on, you can get this advanced Bluetooth earpiece for Oraimo for less than ₦5,000. Its battery can handle 8 hours of call and it is comfortable to use, thanks to its eargel mold.

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