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Belgium Telecommunications Abandon Huawei Equipment In 5G Deployment

Belgium Telecommunications Abandon Huawei Equipment In 5G Deployment

The biggest telecommunication companies in Belgium, Orange and Proximus, have ignored Huawei for deploying its 5G networks. They chose Nokia and Ericsson instead.


Less than two years ago, this would have seemed inconceivable because Huawei was the most popular network equipment provider. The two aforementioned telcos, Orange and Proximus had turned to Huawei for their 4G rollout.


What changed? The Donald Trump administration happened. Since it started to torchlight Huawei’s ‘seeming’ security issues and links to China’s authoritarian government, many countries are avoiding the company like a plaque.


Proximus network business chief Geert Standaert said, “the decision to collaborate with Ericsson is an important step in the execution of our network strategy. Proximus is committed to building the best gigabit network for Belgium, and the renewal of our mobile network equipment is a key element in this strategy for the coming years.”

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Ericsson will build the cores of the 5G networks equipment for the companies. Meanwhile, Nokia will build one radio access network (RAN) and one 5G network for them.


Huawei has faced increasing hostility as major 5G network providers are boycotting its equipment and it’s not just in Belgium. The company has denied the accusations that it is a spy for the Chinese government. It also challeneged the US to show proof that it is a threat to national security.


Yet, countries like the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have all left Huawei out. Instead, Nokia, Ericsson, and other network equipment provider have gained more grounds as the Chinese firm lose its market share.


Huawei will likely face a major financial loss at the end of 2020 as all of its businesses are facing attacks. Its smartphone brand is becoming less popular in markets outside China and its System on Chips (SoC) business arm is also suffering from bans.


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