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Beautiful Tips For Creating The Perfect Wedding Hashtags

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Wedding hashtags are a very important part of a modern wedding. Intending couples, while uploading their pre-wedding photos on social media, usually use these unique hashtags to announce their big day.


Also at wedding receptions, guests are advised to use the hashtags while posting photos. This way, photos from the wedding can easily be found.


We know that finding the perfect hashtag might not be easy, so let’s make it less rocket science for you. Here’s how to create the perfect wedding hashtags without unnecessary headaches.


1. Use names


You can use the first letters of your names. You can try picking any letters from your names or nicknames. It doesn’t always have to be the first letters; any cute mash-up will do.


2. Add numbers


When you both have common names and you are having a hard time finding a hashtag, you can use numbers. Some people use the year of the wedding, which is also very nice.


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3. Use wordplay

Beautiful Tips For Creating The Perfect Wedding Hashtags


Another way to add some fun to your wedding hashtags is by using a rhyme or an inside joke with names or initials. An example is #iSquareEquals1 when both of your names begin with the letter “I”. It could even be a sentence like #TheForeverLoveStory.


So, to all the intending couples on this platform, don’t stress it when looking for hashtags. Use these simple tips to get a unique wedding hashtag and thank us later.


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