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Beautiful Crochet Hairstyles You Can Try This Weekend

Crochets are very classy. They fit perfectly and take away the stress of going to a salon to sit for hours all in the name of braiding. They are easy, time-saving, gorgeous and relatively affordable.


If you have drawn your budget for December and suddenly realise that you can’t afford that human hair you wanted, bother no more. Take a look at some trending crochet hairstyles you can try out this month.


1. Faux locs


These are so real that your friends would think you have decided to have your hair in dreadlocks. They are also quick to make and easy to maintain, unlike the real locs.


2. Crochet braids


Instead of spending hours on end to make your box braids or twists, invest in a crochet braid and thank us later.


3. Curly hair


All our slay queens know that curly weaves are expensive, so why not opt for curly crochet? Save that money for that bill you need to pay, and slay like the queen that you are.


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4. Goddess locs


When you are not sure if you want locs or curls, you go for this kind of crochet, because it’s a combination of locs and curls.


5. Bohemian afro


If you want to achieve that Rita Dominic diva looks, then Bohemian is your best bet. It gets you that boss chic look with full hair.


6. Havana twist


If you are a lover of twists, then Havana twists will take your slay game to another level. So don’t dull. Save that attachment money for crochets and let your girls know that you are still in the game fashion-wise.


You don’t have to spend the whole of your Saturday in a salon, just get your crochet fixed and slay like the queen that you are in the coming week.


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