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Be Private Yet Professional-Six Topics You Should Not Be Discussing At Work

Be Private & Professional: Six Topics You Should Not Be Discussing At Work

Some people do not know that there are some topics that should not be discussed at work.


This is because these topics can make your coworkers uncomfortable or influence their opinions of you.


You can be professional, yet protect your privacy at the workplace. Below are topics you should avoid discussing at your place of work.

1. Religion

Be Private Yet Professional-Six Topics You Should Not Be Discussing At Work

Photo: Newsweek

One’s faith is a personal thing, and many people are sensitive about it.


There is no need to be secretive about your religion, by all means, it’s perfectly fine to mention things you do to celebrate it but realize that not everyone worships the same way.


Do not discuss your religious beliefs in-depth and keep any negative opinions about others’ beliefs to yourself. Your colleagues don’t want to hear that you disagree with them on religion or that yours is the right one for everyone.


Never, no matter what, try to persuade anyone you work with to convert to your faith. It can get you into trouble with the Human Resource Unit if you are not careful.

2. Politics

Be Private Yet Professional-Six Topics You Should Not Be Discussing At Work

Photo: Wikipedia

Politics is probably a more volatile topic than any other. It causes tempers to flare and has ended relationships, even between close friends and family.


Given the amount of time you spend at work, and the need to get along and work side-by-side with your colleagues, having conversations about it is not worth it.


While you may feel very strongly about your party or the candidate you support, or you may have an intensely unfavorable opinion of the opposition, do not try to win your coworkers over to your side. It will be a futile effort that will cause hard feelings between you and them.

3. Your s*x life

Be Private Yet Professional-Six Topics You Should Not Be Discussing At Work

Photo: Legit

Don’t ever discuss details about your s*x life. There is entirely no reason for anyone to know what goes on between you and your partner or partners.


Your “Under the duvet” experience should be left for your personal consumption and not for lunch hour chit-chat.


When you genuinely need to confide in someone other than your partner, a good friend who may not work in your office will be just fine.

4. Problems with your spouse, your children, or your parents

Photo: Naijaloaded


Discussing problems you are having with family members may cause others, including your boss, to wonder if these difficulties will distract you from doing your job? Even if you know these issues won’t affect your work, they don’t.


When supervisors or managers are candid about their problems, their subordinates may see it as a weak spot they can exploit. This can undermine your authority.


In addition, highlighting your problems will feed the rumor mill and make you become the subject of workplace gossip.

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5.Your career aspirations

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There isn’t anything wrong with seeing your current job as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, but keep those sentiments to yourself.


Talking about your ambitions will, for good reason, make your boss question your loyalty and cause some coworkers to resent you.


If you are interested in advancing within your current organization, do your job exceptionally well, and of course, let your boss know you want to move up through the company’s ranks. Your actions will speak for you.

6.Your health problems

Photo: Health Essentials

Even though health issues mental or physical are nothing to be ashamed of, don’t dwell on them too much at work.


You may choose not to talk about them at all or to be very open, but regardless of how much, or how little, you disclose, avoid sharing every last detail of your condition.


When deciding how much to share with your colleagues, keep this in mind: when your colleagues know you are sick, they may question your ability to do your job well, just as they could if they knew about your family problems. Although their concerns may be unfounded, it will put doubt in their minds and affect their perception of you


So, if you can’t talk about these topics, what can you talk about?


Try sticking to safe topics like the weather, music, food, etc. Discuss your everyday work experience and how to make work better.


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