You are currently viewing BBNaija 5: Erica Risks Disqualification After Threatening To Kill Laycon On Live TV

BBNaija 5: Erica Risks Disqualification After Threatening To Kill Laycon On Live TV

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Erica turned a fire-spitting dragon after last night’s Saturday party and now, she sits on the edge.BBNaija Saturday night party is one event fans look forward to every weekend as they’re thrilled to hot dance steps from housemates with celebrity DJs supplying killer tunes.


The night is also usually followed up with some drama as highly spirited (and sometimes tipsy) housemates troop back into the house and engage with themselves.


However last night’s took an unexpected turn when Erica went off on a wild hot rage and bathed fellow housemate Laycon with insults.

Erica Laycon
Laycon and Erica were friends in the first week of the show but things turned sour when the former expressed feelings for Erica but she was already taken with another; Kiddwaya

The drama started on the dance floor

Nengi and Kiddwaya were having a conversation about Ozo and Erica obviously not comfortable with Nengi talking to her lover slid into their midst to interrupt the conversation.


Nengi picked up on it and was heard amidst the noise telling Erica she wasn’t interested in Kiddwaya. She told Erica she knew Kiddwaya outside of the BBNaija lounge and if she wanted anything to do with him, she would have made a move.


After the party ended, the housemates moved into the house to find food and sleep. Laycon tried to have a conversation with his now ex-friend Erica but it seems she saw it as an opening to vent her pent up anger for him.


For context, Ebuka, during last week’s eviction show brought to fore the conversations with Laycon and other housemates where he told them Erica tried to kiss him.


Erica was obviously angry about his gossiping and demanded for Laycon to share when she tried to kiss him.

This made their relationship strained within the week, resulting in Erica nominating Laycon for eviction. She let the lid off her anger this Sunday night, raining insults on Laycon while challenging him to point out when she tried to kiss him. The Abia state born however admitted she tried to kiss him once but only because she was drunk.

In her words Laycon is an “ugly, skinny fool” and she could never be attracted to him.

She went on another long tirade saying “I’ll make sure Laycon suffers in this life.”
The last straw that broke the camel’s back ( and elites too no doubt, as her fans her called) was when she said she’ll make sure she kills Laycon for lying with her name.

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She also repeatedly said she wasn’t drunk and she knows exactly what’s she’s doing.

In all of the drama, Laycon showed good sportsmanship and did not react to Erica’s insults and baiting.

According to the rule book, threats and acts of violence are prohibited in the Big Brother’s house. Fans are speculating that Erica may be going home after the night’s meltdown seeing that she outrightly threatened Laycon by saying she would kill him.

Meanwhile, she’s already on two strikes from Big Brother. One for sleeping in the HOH lounge when Kiddwaya was Head of House and the other for whispering. A third strike will mean disqualification for her.


Will she be going home today? We’d have to wait to see what Big Brother decides.


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