Battle Royale’s Flappy Bird Game Now Available For Everyone

Battle Royale’s Flappy Bird Game Now Available For Everyone

The new idea of Flappy Royale is expected to be more like Fortnite. It mixes the elements of the regular Flappy Bird game with the last-bird-standing style of Battle Royale. It is a simple game very much like the original one. Players just need to tap on the bird to flap and dodge the pipes.


However, the goal in this one, just like Battle Royale, will be to stay in the game longer than the other 99 players. The players can also see all these other players in real-time. Then they all begin the game together on a bus.


Flappy Royale looks quite similar to Mario Royale where players had to survive longer than others. The only difference is that one had the classic Mario stages instead of the pipes.



The new one also has customisation options that make your bird look different from others. To add to that, it had a Daily Trial mode that means players can compete for a spot on a worldwide leaderboard.


Before now, Flappy Royale was only available as an open beta on mobile. However, the great news now is that the game is now out on Android, iOS and the web.


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The game has done very well so far. It has gotten 10 million game plays in the three-week period of the beta’s release. Reports have it that users played thirty games simultaneously at every point in time.


You may want to take on the challenge to try out this flappy bird game this weekend. This is because an average of only 20% of all games didn’t make it past the first stage. It looks like you might be able to prove a point here and see if you can make it past the third pipe.

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