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Barnes & Noble releases budget e-book reader

Barnes & Noble, an American bookseller, has just releases a budget e-reader device to help customers and readers everywhere access more books. The device, Nook GlowLight 4e, is the budget version of Nook GlowLight 4, an e-book reader it released in December 2021.

The budget e-book reader is going for $30 cheaper than the original with a price tag of $120. It is a 6-inch device with anti-glare protection to protect the eyes and a scratch-resistant surface that keeps the display in pristine condition for a pleasurable reading experience.

While it has a lower storage cap than the original (8GB), it has just enough space to hold as many books as a mini library (depending on the file sizes. Additionally, it comes with a built-in dictionary, bookmarking, and sharing features.

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Since its main purpose is for reading, its battery use is optimised, making it perfect for long road trips and even travels to remote places with no electricity. The makers say that you can read books on the device for weeks on a single charge.

In addition, if you are a Barnes & Noble customer, you get to save 10% when you buy the Nook GlowLight 4e. If you buy the device before its launch date of June 7, then, you could be among the first to get hands on it.

The book company had come under scrutiny recently as some delegates in Virginia Beach are moving to stop the company from selling books deemed obscene to children of certain ages.

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