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Backbone One PlayStation smartphone controller

Backbone One smartphone controller’s PlayStation edition is totally cool

Backbone One has launched a PlayStation design controller for smartphone to take mobile gaming to the next level. The makers have already released two previous versions for iPhones and Android phones.

In the latest design, the sleek controller features the PS5 colour scheme and looks a lot like the next-gen DualSense controller. 

Smartphone clamp-on controllers are popular because they are easier to grip and bring a better playing experience than without them. Also, they are better for your phone’s screen health as intense gaming with your phone would otherwise mean you are tapping furiously or, in some instances, long pressing portions of it.

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While the PlayStation-Backbone-One collaboration appeals to PS fans, it is significantly missing the joystick. As the makers explained, they would be useless because games made for mobile devices do not require as many functionalities as console games.

The controller works with the PS Remote Play app as well as Xbox game streaming service and other game streaming services. This support is another good thing because it could easily have been exclusive to PlayStation. However, there is a customised PS experience: access to its game library and portrait mode.

The Backbone One: PlayStation Edition has already gone on sale and is available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, and the UK for $100. 

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