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Baba Suwe Reveals His 2011 Encounter With NDLEA Left Him Crippled

Veteran Yoruba comic actor, Babatunde Omidina, Aka Baba Suwe, says he is now crippled after his 2011 encounter with officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)Baba Suwe Reveals His 2011 Encounter With NDLEA Has Left Him CrippledIn 2011, Baba Suwe got arrested by the NDLEA on claims that he was in possession of substances suspected to be cocaine.

In a recent interview with The PUNCH, Baba Suwe said he is now crippled and unable to do a number of things for himself due to his experience in the hands of the NDLEA.

“I have not forgotten about my issue with the NDLEA and I will never forget. Bearing the pains and suffering from that encounter. I am still affected by the inflictions they meted on me at that time.

As I speak with you, I cannot walk with both my legs. Just to visit the toilet in my room, I have to be carried there. Even using the toilet is a problem as well.

Although I travel abroad for medical check-up, my body is still not okay at all. As I said, I cannot walk to my toilet at all without assistance. This development began about a week or two ago. Before then, I hardly walk properly and anyone who sees me would know that I have difficulty walking.”

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When I was in the custody of the NDLEA, they searched me, injected me, asked me to go to the toilet, but they never found any cocaine inside my system. I defecated there and they did not see anything.

Baba Suwe regretted the demise of his lawyer who would have mobilised for his compensation.

“If my lawyer, Bamidele Aturu, was still alive, I will have got my compensation a long time ago because he is a good lawyer. He is also a compassionate person. The man was nice. When we were in court, he really tried. If he was alive, I would have been compensated.”

Baba Suwe further noted that the state of his health had affected his career. He said, “I have not been able to continue my work as an actor partly because of what I am currently going through. I cannot start work because I am not strong enough.

“I am grateful to one of my younger ones who I introduced to the business, Yomi Fabiyi, for always yielding my calls. He is my son; he stayed with me and learnt from me. Fabiyi is one of those that has promised to get me a means of transportation to aid my movement, especially if I have to be at a location.”

Recently, the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, presented cheques worth N500m to owners of properties demolished for the construction of the ongoing Igbogbo-Igbe Road Expansion Road project.

Baba Suwe got the sum of N3.1m as compensation for his demolished propertyBaba Suwewas born in 1958 and began acting in 1971. He shot into the limelight after he featured in a movie titled “Omolasan”.

He became more popular after he featured in “Iru Esin”, produced by Olaiya Igwe in 1997, and thereafter starred in many other films.


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