You are currently viewing Ayo Makun Berates Junior Colleagues In The Entertainment Industry Who Are Disrespectful

Ayo Makun Berates Junior Colleagues In The Entertainment Industry Who Are Disrespectful

Comedian Ayo Makun has berated his junior colleagues who disrespect him because he is open with them.

Ayo Makun Berates Junior Colleagues In The Entertainment Industry Who Are Disrespectful
Ayo Makun

The filmmaker took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, August 30th, to state that his humility is being taken for granted.

He wrote: “Mankind is like dogs, not gods.  As long as you don’t get mad they’ll bite you but stay mad and you’ll never be bitten. Dogs don’t respect humility and sorrow. – Jack Kerouac

I have come to realise that while it is not palatable in the sight of God to be raising your shoulders up or portraying that bossy attitude, it is most times what you need to earn the respect you deserve from some human beings. When you are humble, there is every possibility that human beings will take you for granted.


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I personally prefer the simple leadership style of relating with everyone equally and freely. Love to mingle and relate with everyone irrespective of position or class.. But it has always resulted to outright disrespect. The minute I make some people very comfortable around me, they quickly feel too relaxed and forget to draw the lines when necessary. Most people fail to understand that no matter how playful your friend, senior colleague or boss can be to you, there are some stunts or pranks you can’t just make towards him/her. That he has humbled himself to get along with you as a friend shouldn’t diminish the respect he deserves as your boss.

I have also seen how the extremely bossy and arrogant people are respected by the same people who take you for granted. They thread cautiously around the bossy ones, and do everything possible to avoid their troubles.

Rather than hanging around disrespectful people who might end up ruining you emotionally and physically, find a way to avoid them completely. Not withstanding i still believe being humble is a virtue. Let those who are taking you for granted continue. But the truth is those who appreciate you for being who you are will still hold you in high esteem.”

Ayo Makun, an actor, comedian and entrepreneur, is the host of the AY live shows and AY comedy skits. AY attended Delta State University, Abraka. He graduated in 2003, after spending nine years as a theatre arts student.

AY as he is fondly called is also known to have produced some blockbuster films. These films include “30 days in Atlanta”, “A Trip To Jamaica”, “10 Days In Sun City” and most recently “Christmas In Miami”.

He is married to interior designer Mabel Makun and they share two daughters together.

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