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Author: Sarah Ifidon

  /  Articles posted by Sarah Ifidon
About The Author

Sarah is a creative writer who writes content about the craziest thing like 'how farting helps you sleep', to thought provoking topics like, 'depression and suicide'. She is currently a lifestyle content writer at Plat4om. Her topics of interest gravitate around relationships, health and fashion tips. She is a professional model, full time writer, an ex-beauty queen, and a wattpad author. Enjoy the words of these versatile writer and don't be too shy to reach out.

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"Yeahh I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town Road I'm gonna rideeee till I can't

A Nigerian-American filmmaker and writer, Amarachi Nwosu, recently made a short film directorial debut in

After an exclusive interview with the Nigerian artiste, Bez Idakula, we have been on nerves