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Author: Kingsley Alaribe

  /  Articles posted by Kingsley Alaribe
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The web browser maker, Vivaldi, has announced the release of Vivaldi 3.8 on desktop and on mobile. Both

Spotify is revamping its "Your Library" section, which has been a bit ill-equipped to handle the

Earlier this week, Telegram got a significant update that improved the payment system on the platform, added

Facebook has announced that it’s donating $5 million towards the Go Give One fundraising campaign established

Anyone who's used Microsoft Office in the last decade will likely be familiar with Calibri,

During its earnings call today, Microsoft revealed that there are now over 1.3 billion monthly

GitHub has decided to join the list of companies that are opposing Google's upcoming changes.

APPLE: In the third quarter of Apple's fiscal year 2018, its wearables and other products

Excel For The Web: Microsoft's Office 365 apps on the web are a decent alternative

Facebook and Instagram are not only platforms used by millions of people, but also advertising and

Last year, Microsoft teamed up with Udacity to offer machine learning courses and scholarships through the learning

YouTube last year cracked down on videos containing information that was contradictory to vaccine information

Microsoft is going to start rolling out the News and Interests widget that appears in

As it promised earlier this week, Apple today kicked off pre-orders for the purple iPhone 12

Those who have seen a Twitch stream know how chaotic the chat section can get.

There are two core services which make up the online PlayStation experience: namely PlayStation Plus

The cloud is the next frontier which tech giants such as Microsoft, Sony, Google, and Amazon seem to be interested