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Author: Donald Johnson

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Donald is a versatile writer with swift fingers ready to jump on everyday trends to keep his readers informed.

A night of constellations for Unilag creatives, and trust your lifestyle and Tech blog Plat4om

It was a display of brilliant music, drama, magic and comedy at the 'Alero the

Live at the Muson Centre, Plat4om was on ground to show you some juicy parts

Every year, the various hostels in the University of Lagos hold a social event called

Winners were rewarded, and more questions were asked. This time, in the latest Plat4om vox

Earlier this week, we started a challenge, and a brand new Samsung S10 was the On this episode of Plat4om Asks, we stormed the main campus of the prestigious UNILAG 

Are you a skilled writer who is passionate about gadgets, innovation and tech trends? Then

If you’re an active Plat4omer, you’d know how much we love giving out free stuff.

Using the Google form embedded below, vote your favourite FaceApp Challenge contestant. To vote, tap or

If you're an active Plat4omer, you'd know how much we love giving out free stuff.

If you know Plat4om, you'll know how much we love giving away free goodies. If

By Nnaemeka Nwachukwu   A Dutchman completed an epic 95,000 kilometre (59,000 miles) journey by electric car

By Oluwatosin Akintayo   Less than a century ago, young women were supposedly more chaste, more homely

By Alli Olusegun Moses Football is evolving. It is fast moving from the crassness, primitiveness, low-patronage,

Technology is, no doubt, an important part of our lives. It is responsible for creating