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Australian Company Delivers Coffee With Drones

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An Alphabet-owned company in Australia is now delivering espresso with drones. This comes barely a month after UPS started delivering blood samples in hospitals in the United States.


This technology has beaten Jeff Bezos, who unveiled Amazon’s plans to make deliveries with drones over five years ago, to it.


In December 2013, the interests in drone deliveries rose when Bezos announced it was in Amazon’s future. Amazon has, however, only carried out trials so far.


Now, Alphabet’s owned drone delivery company, Wing announced on Tuesday, 9th April 2019, that it will be delivering food to parts of Australia’s capital. Alphabet is Google’s parent company.


drones that deliver coffee


Wing will make deliveries to 100 households in three different suburbs of Canberra. It, however, expects to expand to two more neighbourhoods in a few months. They have also made delivery free for the next three months of its flag off.


There have been strict regulations around flying autonomous drones in the United States. They require humans to monitor the drones the way it was for food deliveries and at hospitals. These are short distances that don’t exceed a few miles.


The biggest drone deliveries recorded are outside of the United States. For example, in Rwanda, a Silicon Valley-based startup, Zipline said it had made 12,000 medical drone deliveries since 2016. The company has been able to access remote areas with medical supplies with this move. They also expressed plans to expand to Ghana later in April 2019.

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