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Audiophiles Watch Out For Apple Music Spatial Audio Event Today

Apple music spatial audio: Apple will be having an Apple Music  Audio event after the Worldwide Developers Conference 2021 Keynote today, after a video online teased the event.


Apple music spatial audio


Spatial Audio was announced by Apple alongside Lossless Hi-fidelity music streaming in May last month, with its rollout expected this month.

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An Apple Music video titled “Introducing Spatial Audio” was posted to Reddit. The video welcomes viewers to tune in at 12 pm PT/8 pm WAT on June 7 to watch this special event” which happens after the opening Keynote of WWDC 2021.


Inside AirPods Pro: What is and How to Use Spatial Audio |


Apple spatial audio promises to deliver an immersive never before felt audio experience relying heavily on Dolby Atmos. Spatial Audio leverages the user’s head movement, music plays in space relative to the user’s body.


Apple music spatial audio


There are currently thousands of songs on the Apple Music platform that supports this technology, with hundreds to join in the coming days.


Apple AirPods Max – AmgrayCommerce


To actively listen to this event and immerse yourself; you need at least an Airpods pro or Airpods Max. I can’t wait to tune in.



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