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You can now assign seats in Microsoft Teams Together Mode

Microsoft Teams Together Mode now lets users assign seats in its virtual seating room. The chat software, built during the pandemic to improve meetings have continued to roll out new features.

Unlike several competitors that arose during COVID and just provided the essentials of communicating digitally, Microsoft’s offering is making the chat space more realistic.

This latest feature was announced in October 2022 is quite easy to use. According to the GIF instruction on the blog, you can assign seats to participants by just clicking on their names and selecting a seat in the scene you chose from Together Mode.

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Another feature that came to Teams is the one that allows you pop out shared meeting content in a separate window. This feature allows you to see the content and meeting participants at the same time without moving from window to window.

Also, Microsoft rolled out Live translated captions that can offer real-time translations in 40 spoken languages. “This helps break down language barriers for your global meetings and calls to be productive and effortless,” the company said about the feature. Although it is currently available for all users, it will be reserved for only Teams Premium users when it is available.

The software also updated companion mode for Android users to be able to quickly access engagement features like chat, live reactions, and Microsoft Whiteboard.

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