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Asa Says Value For Her Personal Space Is Reason She Is Still Single

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Top Nigerian singer Asa has opened up on why she is still single. According to Asa, she has become more selfish as she grew older.

In a chat with Bolanle Olukanni for Ndani TV’s show, The Juice, Asa opened up about her relationship with an English man as she stated her personal space is very important.

Asa Says Value For Her Personal Space Is The Reason She Is Still Single


“As I grow older, I become selfish. You see that thrill when I wake up, can you respect it? The guy I was in a relationship with, he was an English man; he would say ‘don’t go to her early in the morning, leave her alone.’ By 8 o’clock I’m all yours do whatever you want.

I was telling Janet that would anyone understand when I tell them that I want to be by myself by 4 and she said ‘just tell them from the beginning”

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“I remember this guy he was amazing. if I have been dating Volkswagen he was a Rolls Royce. I couldn’t be by myself which was a no end. That actually one of the reasons I left because it was too much of that person.

If I get married and you do that to me. Sometimes I think maybe we should have two houses so we can walk down to my house or maybe we should have two rooms.” She said.

Watch the full interview below


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