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Artists Can Now Choose Songs To Promote On Spotify

Spotify has announced plans to experiment by giving artists a say in promoting their music on its platform which will make it easier for artists to contribute to how their music can be discovered. However, the service will only apply to Radio and Autoplay on Spotify. And later, it expands to other sectors depending on the feedback it gets.

The music streaming site drives more than 16 billion artist discoveries every month. Spotify keeps innovating ways to refine its algorithm; to give the best experience to its users. Spotify allows artists to contribute to making their music gets discovered. Spotify plans to create more opportunities for artists to connect more with a new listener.

It wants to give them an opportunity to have a say in the listeners’ output.

Also, it plans to consider the artists’ priorities; and their say on their music in making recommendations to listeners. That is, Spotify wants to know what music is important to at the moment; and use that as input in the recommendation for the output of the listener.

Thereby giving more room in the promotion of music and reaching a larger audience.

How can this be done?

Although, for now, it is still an experiment. Spotify plans to roll out an experiment that shows the artists having a say in how their music can be discovered. Also, artists will identify the music that is of priority to them. Then Spotify will add the songs to a signal which determines the personalised listening session.

In a blog post, the streaming site mentioned no upfront budget; that is, it is free.

So, this makes it accessible to artists at any stage of their career. However, it also states that labels or right owner will need to agree to be paid a promotional recording royalty rate for streams in personalised listening sessions where they provided the service. Asides, Spotify considers the listeners’ satisfaction as a priority, so music that doesn’t resonate with the listeners will be removed while the one that interests them will keep surfacing.

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However, the Radio and Autoplay formats are the sectors the service will be applied because it is where listeners are looking to discover new music. Then the result will determine the expansion of the service to other sectors. For listeners, it makes personalised recommendations to give them the best output. Spotify examines diverse inputs of what a person will like (signals) and then balances the input in different ways to produce the perfect output.

There are thousands of signals that Spotify’s recommendation takes to account.

Some of which include artist input, song length, time of the day, songs on repeat, genres you listen to, language, the release date of the song. Others include how you’ve interacted with a song in the past, musical elements, discovery, tempo and many others.

The personalised recommendations help to make a personalised listening session for listeners.

Also, it takes into account the signal to create an algorithm that helps to deliver the right song at the right time. Spotify wants the best experience for its listeners and artists. And so the experiment will be a stepping stone in achieving the goal.

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