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Artificial Sun: Why Nuclear Fusion Is The Future

The idea of an artificial sun seems overly ambitious and even insane yes? but that’s because you haven’t learned of nuclear fusion yet.Artificial Sun: Why Nuclear Fusion Is The FutureA Tokamak device is designed to recreate an Artificial sun: nuclear fusion similar to the Sun. The Chinese are currently developing an artificial sun in the lab. China’s Experimental Advanced superconducting Tokamak (EAST) is handling this project in its lab in Hefei China, an experimental superconducting tokamak magnetic fusion energy project 


They recently reached a new feat; a plasma temperature of 120 million Celsius for 101 seconds. The artificial sun project is designed to mimic the blazing heat from the sun, using controlled nuclear fusion. At 101 seconds, 120 million Celsius is the highest temperature scientists have been able to maintain. The facility also maintained a plasma temperature of 160 million celsius. 

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This sun project is on the numerous plans of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) facility, a world science project with plans to be functional by 2035 and the biggest among its peers. The facility is working closely with Japan, India, the USA, South Korea, etc. Vast studies have shown that 15 million Celsius is the core of the sun, while the artificial sun project produces about 7 times that of the sun.


This is good news, as the technology continues to develop. Going forward we could be able to generate our own energy without having to rely on the sun on. This project is perfect for cloudy and rainy climates in the south pole such as France, United Kingdom, etc. 


However, this new technology still faces some challenges. For instance, they can leave radioactive waste as the potential energies haven’t been reached. Finally, it would take loads of research and finances to harness its full potential.



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