You are currently viewing Hydrogen leak forces NASA to cancel second Artemis 1 launch
Hydrogen leak forces NASA to cancel second Artemis 1 launch

Hydrogen leak forces NASA to cancel second Artemis 1 launch

NASA Artemis 1 mission has failed again after engineers discovered a hydrogen leak in the Space Launch System rocket.

According to the official report, the hydrogen leak had also been found after the first failed launch attempt on Monday. However, the focus had been on the overheating engine and that first leak was significantly smaller than the second one.

Now, the engineers would not be racing to launch it anytime soon and would let the Monday and Tuesday windows pass.

In a NASA blog post by Rachel Kraft, the leak came from a fuel supply line in one service arm linked to the engine.

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No new date has been decided upon but the next launch period happens in late September and early October. So, the earliest the rocket can launch is around September 20.

Space News journalist Jeff Foust Tweeted that the next launch date for the Artemis 1 mission would depend on what options the engineers can provide after working to fix the problems.

The mission is supposed to be uncrewed but the Orion spacecraft would carry three mannequin astronauts fitted with sensors to collect data on what it would be like for real astronauts.

Artemis 1 is supposed to be a 37-day mission and after it, the Artemis 2, a crewed flyby mission, will commence and Artemis 3 2ould follow. The subsequent missions all depend on what the first one turns out to be.

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