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Arrival Uber

Arrival And Uber Are Developing An Electric Car For Ride-Hailing

EV startup, Arrival, is partnering with Uber to develop an electric car “purpose-built” for the purpose of ride-hailing. The UK-based startup plans to begin production of the car in late 2023, and the company says the vehicle will not be exclusive to Uber.


Arrival says its goal is to create an affordable vehicle that would appeal to the millions of ride-hailing drivers around the world. Arrival and Uber have released some renderings of the new car’s interior during the announcement. They say that a final design will be revealed by the end of the year.


Renders from the electric vehicle as released by Arrival and Uber.


For now, both companies are working on involving some drivers in the design process. The images do not have some radical new car design concept. In fact, it has a large horizontal screen mounted to the dashboard similar to a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. The steering wheel is also similar to that of a Tesla with no driver display and two scroll wheels.

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However, there are a few improvements; the driver’s seat has an ergonomic design to ease the physical strain of sitting in a car for hours for long. The front passenger seat folds up to create more legroom and a bench-style seat in the rear, making it easier to get in and alight the vehicle. Also, there are small, lighted cubbies and handrails on the inside of each door.


Renders from the electric vehicle as released by Arrival and Uber.


Tom Elvidge, Arrival’s senior vice president of mobility, says that; “The goal is to make “hundreds of small improvements, changes, and tweaks to the design that perhaps haven’t been applied before.



Renders from the electric vehicle as released by Arrival and Uber.

Elvidge says Arrival’s goal is to design an affordable vehicle from the outset. Arrival believes it can reduce the cost of manufacturing electric vehicles by a large amount using so-called “micro-factories,” or highly automated, small-footprint facilities where it plans to build its vehicles.


Uber has a goal of making 100 percent of its rides happen in electric vehicles in the US, Canada, and Europe by 2030. The company says it plans to reach the goal by partnering with a variety of companies, like Arrival, across the transportation industry.



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