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Are You Guilty Of Using The Most Common Online Passwords?

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A lot of internet users try to make their passwords as simple as possible. This usually aid ease of remembrance and avoid getting locked out of their accounts. However, security experts discovered that the 123456 combination is the most commonly used password.


A recent study by the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Center confirmed that many people used simple passwords. They looked at the public databases of breached accounts and made a shocking realisation. 23.2 million accounts globally used “123456”, making it the most common password.


It is also quite interesting that the second most used was found to be “123456789.” The others are “password,” “1111111” and “qwerty.”


To check how common your password is, you can explore Australian online security expert, Troy Hunt’s website. The “Have I Been Pwned” site shows you how many times a security breach caught your password. It pretty much tells you how unsafe your password combination is.


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Stay secure

Hunt, on the website, also recommended that online users use password manager apps to manage their passwords. He suggests using two-factor authentication where offered. This is so that you can have extra layers of protection against hackers.


You can also subscribe to services like “notify me.” It will automatically send you a notification if a hacker tries to get access to your account.


Hunt said,

“Making good password choices is the single biggest control consumers have over their own personal security posture.”


Experts also say people who use popular names and words as their passwords are at serious risks of hacks. They advise online users to refrain from using names that are easy to guess. These names include their favourite football team or favourite food.


With the latest password fluke with Facebook and Instagram passwords “accidentally” uncovered by the social media company, users need to do more to stay safe online.

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