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Apply For A Master’s Degree In Blockchain At The University Of Nicosia (UNIC)

Apply For A Master’s Degree In Blockchain At The University Of Nicosia (UNIC)

With cryptocurrency gaining acceptance and trust around the world, you should apply for a master’s degree in blockchain at the University of Nicosia (UNIC).


UNIC has been the leading institution when it comes to blockchain education and research since 2013. It boasts of being the first to offer blockchain courses and award degrees in blockchain technology. As the world is likely to soon start focusing more on digital currency, blockchain experts could be in high demand soon.


With a Master Degree in this field, you could be one of the most qualified when employment opportunities start to roll out. In a statement on its website, the University Of Nicosia (UNIC) website says:


“By participating in this [programme], students are positioning themselves to be part of an exclusive set of professionals in business/finance and IT that have a broad understanding of the financial, regulation, cryptography, game theory, and technology innovation markets that are enabled by blockchains.”

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Apply For A Master’s Degree In Blockchain At The University Of Nicosia (UNIC)

A master’s degree in blockchain will make you an expert in handling digital currency.


To apply for a blockchain programme at UNIC, fill this form. The institution also offers Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), free online courses in the programme. Additionally, it gives applicants the opportunity to participate in professional certificate courses under the following:

  • Blockchain, law, regulation and policy
  • Blockchain strategy
  • Applied forecasting
  • Blockchain and energy
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Security token strategy


It also litters its website with videos of ‘true life’ testimonies of some students that participated in its programmes. Even professional certificate programmes are available and its MSc programmes are; Blockchain Financial Analyst Certification, Blockchain Business Analyst Certification, and Blockchain Developer Certification.


You can watch this video to learn more about blockchain technology:



All of the programmes that the University Of Nicosia (UNIC) offers are tailored to make students experts in blockchain technology.


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