You are currently viewing Apple’s Pricey iPhone 12 Series Devices Currently Lead The 5G Market

Apple’s Pricey iPhone 12 Series Devices Currently Lead The 5G Market

The pricey iPhone 12 series lead the 5G market, remember during its unveiling event Apple repeatedly mentioned 5G.


Apple iPhone 12 series with 5G
Apple iPhone 12 series with 5G


Apple was the first to release a 5G enabled smartphone, and they are currently maintaining the stance as the leaders in that segment. Sales figures from Strategy Analytics showed that Apple shipped 40.7% of all 5G phones in the fourth quarter of 2020, and 29.7% of all 5G phones in the first quarter of 2021.


Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics said “Global 5G smartphone shipments grew a healthy 6% quarter on quarter and hit a record 136 million units during the first quarter of 2021.”




Another report from Counterpoint Research reveals that Apple’s iPhone 12 series 5G phones had sold over 100 million units by April this year. Ville-Petteri Ukonaho, Associate Director from Strategy Analytics mentioned that “Samsung was the world’s fastest-growing 5G smartphone vendor in Q1 2021; leaping 79% quarter over quarter to 17 million units shipped.”

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According to the same source, Vivo was the second-fastest-growing 5G smartphone vendor in the first quarter of 2021; increasing 62% quarter over quarter to 19 million units shipped.


5G Market research
5G Market research


OPPO and Xiaomi came in third and fourth position for growth, China is currently the largest 5G market; followed by the United States and Western Europe. Apple has outpowered its rivals such as Samsung; even during a global pandemic by been the first to push out 5G Technology even when it was not mainstream.


Samsung's 5G
Samsung’s 5G


Samsung is playing catch up, flooding the market with 5G enabled smartphones across all price points. Apple’s sheer number of iPhone 12 smartphones around will boost 5G adoption; as service providers will now be willing to roll out this technology at a large scale.


Samsung, Vivo and Xiaomi 5G smartphones at lower price points would make this fast internet technology accessible for every consumer, volume sales leading to the rapid adoption of 5G.



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