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Apple’s New Anti-Snitch Technology Will Protect Your Privacy

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Apple is developing anti-snitch technology to prevent the police or high-level intelligence agencies from tracking the locations of iPhone users or reading their messages.

This new patented technology will encrypt signals sent between mobile towers and phones of end-users, guarding them against the authorities.

According to reports, the innovation would restrain the use of ‘Stingray boxes’ that act as phone masts, which are used to track the locations of users or listen in on their calls.

The police and hackers use Stingrays to identify the location of a phone and monitor the calls or read messages of members of the public.

Apple will now use the mobile subscriber identification number under the encryption to shield your device against eavesdropping, making it much more challenging to trace the device.

Privacy activists are looking to embrace the technology. However, security authorities in advanced countries believe that the encryption will allow terrorists to plot attacks and help criminals hide.

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