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Apple’s CES 2020 Appearance Aimed At Selling Its Tight Privacy Policy

Apple returned to the CES in Las Vegas in 2020 not to sell its product. But to sell its strong privacy policy as a way to encourage more people to use its smartphones.


The last time Apple had appeared at the Customer Electronics Show (CES) was in 1992. It had wowed the world with its Newton MessagePad. However, the product had not made it into the market. Despite its potential, it just did not sell much and Steve Jobs canceled it when he returned to the company.


It is not surprising that many top government officials use iPhones as it assures the privacy of information contained on it. The company’s banner said: “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone”.


This strong policy has repeatedly pitched it head-to-head with law enforcement agents in the United States.


As we reported, the most recent is the company’s inability to unlock the iPhone of a suspected shooter. The suspect, Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani had been fingered in the killing of three people near the Naval Base in Pensacola, Florida.

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However, the FBI agents on the case met a roadblock when they had to get information from the suspect’s iPhone. Apple disclosed that its hands were just as tied as the only user data it can provide are those uploaded to its servers.


Apple privacy ces 2020
Facebook and Apple representatives on a privacy panel at the CES 2020. Photo: CNet.


At the CES 2020, Apple’s Senior Director for Global Privacy, Jane Horvath said that Apple needed to create special software to crack its own security. He revealed why their security was as tight as it was:


“Our phones are relatively small and they get lost and stolen,


“If we’re going to be able to rely on our health data and finance data on our devices, we need to make sure that if you misplace that device, you’re not losing your sensitive data.”


This further helps the phone makers gain trust from their customers. Apple is not the only company that has gone head-to-head with authorities regarding privacy issues.


Facebook had also faced similar challenges as it reports that some authorities demand that it provide them access to users’ accounts. The company also surprisingly appeared at the CES 2020.


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