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Apple’s AirPods Pro May Suffer Shortages Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

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Apple’s AirPods Pro had a two-week back-order period where they sold out on Black Friday. Now that will take longer and even affect the regular AirPod according to a report from Nikkei Asian. The Coronavirus outbreak has forced AirPods suppliers in China to halt their operations for two weeks. This could leave them short of components when work is scheduled to resume on Monday.


Apple had ordered its suppliers to produce up to 45 million units of the Airpods in the first half of 2020 to keep up with the huge demand for its wireless earphones.


At the moment, the regular AirPods are still in stock, according to Apple’s official online store. However, the premium AirPods Pro launched in September 2019 has a one-month waiting period.


Airpods Corona Virus
There has been a massive demand for apple AirPods, however, shortages loom. Photo: BGR.


Luxshare-ICT, Goertek, and Inventec are the three key manufacturers of the AirPods. These companies halted most of their production since the Lunar New Year break began.

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The three factories now have at most two weeks’ worth of materials and components needed for AirPods assembly. They must now wait for component makers across China to restart operations in order to receive fresh supplies sources told Nikkei.

Companies fear resuming production could spread the coronavirus

One of the sources familiar with the situation said to Nikkei:

“Because of the coronavirus outbreak, it has already been about two weeks since the assemblers have shipped any new AirPods series. All of the stores and carriers selling Apple products are really counting on suppliers to resume work next week.”


The unnamed person also went ahead to reveal major concerns about suppliers.


“One of the big concerns is whether other parts suppliers in China can smoothly resume work to produce enough parts for final assembly. We really have to wait and see how things play out next week. If the assemblers could not get enough supply of parts in two weeks, it will be a big problem.”

Companies are also carefully weighing how quickly to resume production. This is due to fear that one of their numerous employees could bring the virus into their factories.


Travel restrictions in many towns across China are expected to create labor shortages at factories. This in-turn would slow production, according to Nikkei.


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