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Apple Is Focused On xrOS, For Augmented Reality, Over iOS 17

Apple is allegedly more focused on building xrOS, an operating system to power its AR and VR headsets, ahead of iOS 17 and its siblings.

Although the software’s name is not yet official, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman believes that it is the name the company will eventually go along with. He adds that it is the priority because Apple plans to launch it later this year. So, others like iOS 17, iPadOS 17 and macOS 14 may suffer, featuring less capabilities than was originally planned.

As part of Apple’s plan to rival Meta’s metaverse, the company has almost finished the augmented reality features for its Apple Store app.

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It will bring a whole new experience to people who visit the company’s physical stores, although it is not yet clear where these features will start rolling out from and if it would extend to every one of its physical stores or just the ones in the US.

Apple Is Focused On xrOS, For Augmented Reality, Over iOS 17
Example of augmented reality. Image Source: Forbes.

The app AR features works without an headset, so it may launch soon, even before the company releases the anticipated headset. All users have to do is point their iPhone at a product inside the store and more info would appear on it in a kind of augmented view.

According to Gurman, Apple has been working on the AR shopping feature in its Apple Store app since 2020. The company has also begun testing it, but in limited capacity.

With so much going on at the same time, Apple may launch a below par iOS 17 in September, instead of skipping it all together.

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