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Apple Watch Series 8 could be able to detect fever

Apple Watch Series 8 could be able to detect fever

Apple Watch Series 8 will reportedly be able to detect fever and recommend a necessary course of action for the wearer.

Who says gadgets are not getting any smarter? The latest leak about the upcoming Apple wearable is that it could be able to tell when you have an unusually high temperature.

However, what Mark Gurman says, is that instead of diagnosing you immediately, the watch will notify you if your body temperature spikes. Also, it won’t bring a fever reading for you. Instead, it will advise you to use a thermometer to confirm your fever reading and see a doctor.

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While this sounds like a great innovation, Apple is still in the internal testing phase for the temperature sensor tech. Only after its success will the company include it as part of the features that the Apple Watch Series 8 will offer.

The extreme sports-targeted, rugged smartwatch is also expected to include this temperature sensor. But the Apple Watch SE would be left out if what Gurman is saying eventually becomes the truth.

The Bloomberg writer is not the only journalist that has mentioned that the future Apple Watch would be able to detect fever. Ming-Chi Kuo, a supply chain analyst and leaker, has also said something about the sensor.

There are also mentions of the sensor being useful in tracking fertility and a woman’s cycle because changes in body temperature correspond with ovulation and menstruation.

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