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Apple Watch Gets New Major Feature Updates

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Looks like everyone is getting an upgrade on the Apple radar. Apple Watch is not being left behind. At the WWDC19 conference yesterday, Monday, 3rd June 2019, Apple announced some new features coming to the WatchOS 6.


Apple introduced the newest operating system for its line of smartwatches called the WatchOS 6. The Apple watches will now have Apple apps that were previously left out in the past. It will have the App Store, Voice Memos, Calculator and other health features


The date of the WatchOS release has however not been disclosed but it is expected to be later on in the year.



The new update introduces new watch faces to Apple’s former selections. There is now a new option of simple minimalistic design interface to other options of cell signal strength and weather.


Furthermore, there is an option in the new feature that lets you turn on an hourly notification called the “taptic chime.” This lets you choose to be alerted by a little buzz on the wrist or an actual chime sound.


App store for the Apple watch

The availability of an App store on the WatchOS 6 means that you can now download an app straight from your watch. You no longer need to have a nearby iPhone to download an app on the watch. You will be able to purchase and install the app straight from your wrist.


Apple watch


The watch will also now be compatible with audiobooks, and users will be able to sync their watch with other Apple devices to enhance the listening experience. The watch also now comes with a preinstalled calculator and voice memos apps.


The calculator has the function that lets you easily calculate the tip you need to give at a restaurant. Meanwhile, the voice memo will allow users to talk straight into their wrists, MI6 style. The voice assistant, Siri, on the Apple watch is now powered by Shazam. Your watch will also have the ability to look up a song being played in the background.


The health and fitness activity tracker lets you calculate fitness trends and track noise decibel levels. The watch also has a period cycle tracking to help you figure out when your menstrual cycle is about to start and calculate fertility window.

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