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Apple TV Remote So Bad That A Company Made An Alternative

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Swiss telecom, Salt which provides Apple TVs as the set-top boxes for its internet TV received so many customer complaints about the TVs remote. So much were they that it had to design its own. With Apple’s support and approval, the remote doesn’t require pairing.


Just like Apple’s remote, it supports all standard Apple TV functions and costs around costs 19.95 francs, or roughly $20.16. The Salt remote has a thicker, more hand-friendly housing and abandons the touchpad for directional buttons.


A Salt alternative remote for Apple TV


The remote that comes bundled with the Apple TV and is known for its difficult to use design and touchpad for navigation.


The optional remote was reportedly developed in collaboration with Apple due to complaints from users who were confused by Apple’s touchpad controls. It is also similar to other universal remotes and also can control a TV set through IR controls.

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Salt Remote Simpler, Easy To Use

The most surprising feature of the Salt remote is just how ordinary it looks. It features a regular four-way control pad for navigation.


There is also a separate play/pause, forward, back, fast-forward, rewind, and stop buttons to control playback. It even features a dedicated power button! The only thing absent is a  microphone for activating Apple’s digital assistant and a Siri button. This could be because Siri services aren’t available in Switzerland.


The actual issue is whether customers in other countries will be able to buy and use the Salt remote. A simpler, easier-to-use option sounds like it’d be welcome in places beyond Switzerland.


However, you can only buy it on-site at a Salt store in Switzerland. Perhaps, they’ll go on sale via eBay as some citizens may decide to profit from selling it.


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