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Snoopy In Space: Apple TV+ "Peanuts" Show Celebrates 50 Years Of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Apple TV+ “Peanuts” Show Celebrates 50 Years Of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Apple rolled out its film streaming service, Apple TV+, earlier in the year. It promised to become the ‘new home for the world’s most creative storytellers’. They have followed through with this by unveiling the trailer for Snoopy in Space. It is supposed to be an educational “Peanuts” show made for Apple TV plus specifically.


Snoopy in Space focuses on the Snoopy character. He is a cartoon character with hopes of being an astronaut. All these came to reality when he and Woodstock tag along with the Peanuts gang. They went on a field trip to NASA and got chosen for the mission to space. Charlie Brown and the gang assist them as they go on astronaut training and space travel from mission control.



NASA recently signed a Space Act Agreement with Peanuts Worldwide based on a partnership during the Apollo missions in the 1960s. NASA also went on to name the Apollo 10 command Charlie Brown and the lunar modules Snoopy.


The new show was made in collaboration with NASA to help rouse student’s interests in space exploration. It will also be Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focused.


Apple has gotten rights to the entire Peanuts library after signing a recent deal. This was done in 2018 with Peanut Worldwide’s Canadian parent company, DHX Media. Apple now has the rights to all Peanuts animated content.


Apple TV+ is expected to launch later in the year along with the details of pricing. Stay up to date with Plat4om to find out more about the Apple TV+ “Peanuts” show celebrating 50 years of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

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