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Apple Working On Touchscreen MacBook Pro Ahead Of 2025

Apple is allegedly working on a new MacBook Pro model that supports touchscreen and it is expected to be available in 2025.

Bloomberg, which broke the news, claim that the plans are not yet concrete, according to its sources within the company. However, other industry experts believe that the touchscreen tap and gestures features will be the only unique thing about the PC.

If the laptop launch in 2025 is a success, Apple could expand the feature to cover other Mac models in the future.

The company has resisted a touchscreen laptop model for a long time, while other manufacturers have been releasing them for years. Its reasoning was that touchscreen should remain on iPad, otherwise, many iPad customers might just stop buying it in favour of a MacBook that can perform better and still offer gestures support.

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Instead of making a laptop with touchscreen, Apple had tried supplementing that need with a Touch Bar. The above-the-keyboard feature brings similar touchscreen capabilities, but in a smaller way.

using Apple's MacBook Touch Bar -
MacBook Touch Bar. Image Source: YouTube.

This news comes right on the heels of Apple eyeing inhouse displays by 2024. You’ll recall that one of the points we made about this development is that it will allow it pack more functionalities into the screens.

Already, we have heard the rumour of a possible under display Face ID coming in a couple of years. And now, MacBook with touchscreens. It further goes to show how much easier it would be to ship innovations when the company controls most of its production.

No doubt, we could see more powerful Apple devices within the next three to five years as it is also moving to start building its own connectivity chips.

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