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Apple One More Thing Event

Apple To Unveil Its Custom ARM-Based CPU At ‘One More Thing’ Event

Apple will reportedly be unveiling its custom ARM-based CPU at its upcoming ‘One More Thing’ event scheduled for 10th November 2020. The company also plans to unveil three new laptops at the event.


The products to be unveiled include; one 13-inch MacBook Air, a 13-inches, and another 16-inches MacBook Pro models. Basically, they already exist in Apple’s line up, but they will now ship with the ARM-based CPU, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says.


Gurman also reports that Apple is working on a redesign for the iMac, a new Mac mini, and a half-sized Mac Pro. All the devices will be powered by the company’s chip architecture. Apple has been using Intel processors in its CPUs for 15 years. In 2005, Steve Jobs moved Apple away from PowerPC processors to Intel and the move helped Apple compete favourably against Windows PC.

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Now, it seems that Apple is marking the end of that relationship at the ‘One More Thing’ event. CEO Tim Cook had said that transitioning to fully supporting its custom ARM-based chipset would take about two years, giving a timeline of what could be.


On the Intel side, the impact might not be so much as Apple has just about 10% of the PC market. But it also could spell further issues for the company that is already dealing with many internal issues. The company’s Chief Engineering Officer Venkata Renduchintala stepped down from his role, it delayed its 7nm based chip and also lost about 10 per cent in shares in 2020.


Apple will base its custom chips for the new PCs on the A14 chip, found in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. The change aims at helping the PCs improve their power efficiency in comparison to the Intel processors.


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