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Apple To Pay $113 Million In Fresh iPhone Battery Lawsuit Settlement

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Apple is agreeing to a second settlement that will see it make a payout of $113 million for hiding throttling and the degradation of its batteries from iPhone owners. The company had agreed to a $500 million settlement earlier in 2020 over the same issue.


Customers had found out that the iPhone maker had been quietly throttling the speed of older iPhones in 2017. The company had explained that it was so as to protect the phones from aging batteries, offering $29 battery replacements and apologising to settle the issue. However, the offer and apology were not enough to stop lawsuits against the company.

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This settlement involves a lawsuit brought by the state attorney generals of 34 US states. The lawsuit against Apple was for hiding both the throttling and battery degradation from iPhone owners. Their argument is that Apple ‘fully understood’ that by hiding the issues, it could profit off of people who thought they needed to buy a new iPhone when they actually just needed to replace their phone’s battery.


Apple denies the allegation, however, there won’t be a hearing to decide the truth as it’s choosing to settle. The settlement is not in effect yet as it hasn’t received the full approval of a judge yet.


As for the earlier lawsuit, the process is still underway. There’s a fairness hearing on 4th December 2020 that’ll decide whether the settlement was handled properly. Apple is to pay a minimum of $310 million in settlement of that earlier lawsuit which could increase to $500 million depending on the number of claims.


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