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Apple To Introduce New Privacy Feature In The Next iOS 14 Beta in 2021

Apple will be introducing its new privacy feature which will require developers to ask for permission to track iOS users for ad targeting in the next iOS 14 Beta. The company plans a planned full release later in the year for non-beta users according to The Verge.


Apple’s announcement coincides with Data Privacy Day, and perhaps not a coincidence. CEO Tim Cook on the same day at the Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection conference in Brussels also gave a speech on privacy.

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The feature was to initially go live in 2020 with the launch of iOS 14, but the company delayed its implementation to this year in September 2020 to give developers more time to comply.


The feature, called App Tracking Transparency, and with the new opt-in requirement will change significantly how mobile app developers can collect data on iPhone owners. It will also change how they can share that data with other firms to aid in advertising.


Previously, iPhone owners could disable this type of tracking from their settings. However, the change means that developers would instead be the ones to ask for permission to track this data. Failure to ask for user permission means that the developer risks suspension or removal from the App Store.


However, with this announcement, the launch will happen this year, but Apple won’t specify exactly when the wider release will be. Apple however to give its iPhone users greater control over their privacy with this feature.



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