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Apple To Ditch Samsung, LG And Start Making Its Own Displays By 2024

Apple is rumoured to be working on making its screens and displays in-house, removing third party suppliers like Samsung and LG. A Bloomberg report claims that this could start as early as 2024.

This report seems to match the other recent news about the company working on an under display Face ID technology for screens. As previously explained, several smartphone makers and display manufactures have attempted to solve the issue of cutouts on phone screens by hiding the selfie camera.

To date, none have successfully done so, but, they have come close. However, if Apple achieves this, by 2024 for its under display Face ID, it likely wants to keep the innovation in-house. So, it makes sense that it is planning to end its partnership with screen makers.

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Apple devices
Apple devices. Image Source: BGR.

Reports say that Wei Chen, the head of Apple’s display technology group, is overseeing its screen development. Although, the company may still have to outsource the mass production of the screens to its partners in China, India and Vietnam when the time comes.

In similar news, we heard that Apple is planning to start making its own Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips. This move means that its partners Qualcomm and Broadcom will be losing the business . The iPhone maker had done something similar when it stopped working with Intel on its processors for Mac and started making it by itself.

While Apple has always been conservative, these moves could see it become even more self-sustaining. This news is bad for suppliers but for Apple, it means it has more control over its production processes and can ship products faster.

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