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Apple Stops Selling Third-Party Over-Ear Headphones Ahead Of Launching Its Own

Reports from several sources confirm that Apple has stopped selling third-party over-ear headphones as it prepares to launch its long-awaited own.


Bloomberg had reported on Monday, 5th October 2020, that third-party headphones had disappeared from Apple retail stores. CNET says that employees were instructed to remove the gadgets from its shelves.


Earlier in September 2020, headphones and wireless from companies like Sonos, Bose, and Logitech had disappeared from Apple’s websites.

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Apple has not officially confirmed that it is making the over-ear headphones nor has it announced a launch date. But many rumours from inside the company have been leaking details about the alleged headphones. According to the few details that we have obtained, the coming headphones will have swappable ear pads and headbands that are magnetic.


Meanwhile, we also found reports that the Apple over-ear headphones would likely cost between $350 to $400. Apple is said to have been working on the device since 2018. The company already owns Beats, which it purchased for around $3 billion. Thus, it has experience in designing over-ear headphones.


It is unlikely that Apple will announce the headphones this year as it seems the remaining announcement slot is reserved for the coming iPhone 12. Whenever Apple chooses to eventually launch this ‘top secret’ gadget, tech enthusiast will have a filled day testing and reviewing it. Additionally, we expect that it will have high-end features like noise cancellation among other things.


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