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Apple, BMW, EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Samsung, others stop sales in Russia

As we begin a new week, the wave of tech sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine continues to grow in size. Physical products from Apple, BMW, EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Samsung, and others have stopped.

Russia appears to be staying strong given that the tide of opposition to its Ukraine occupancy keeps growing. Tech companies have appeared to be very cooperative so far, and in this article, we highlight some of their actions. Recall that we had published an article on what software companies like Airbnb, Facebook, Google, and Twitter have done so far in support of Ukrainians.

iPhone fans in Russia can no longer buy a new device from Apple. Given that it has an event for March 8, it seems Russians will have to wait until the situation is resolved, or they will find another way to buy the products launched on that day. In addition to stopping sales, CNET reports that Apple Pay will no longer work for users in Russia.

BMW is among a coalition of automobile makers who have stopped local production or exports in Russia. Others include Ford, GM, and Honda.

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EA or Electronic Arts (makers of FIFA) said that gamers in Russia would no longer be able to buy games, add-on content, and virtual currency. The company also reported removing the Russian national team from its football game.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is increasing the cybersecurity of Ukraine users in case of a cyberattack and suspending products sales in Russia.

Another popular game maker, Nintendo, is also joining tech companies in placing sanctions on the Russians. It locked its online store, making it impossible for gamers in the country to buy new games.

While Samsung said it is still analysing the situation, the management decided to suspend shipments into Russia.

With these growing sanctions, there is the belief that President Putin will be under so much pressure (both from outside and within) and put an end to the ongoing invasion. Do you think this is the right way to go for tech firms?

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