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Apple Says The Future Of Health Is On Your Wrist With Watch Series 6

Apple announced an update for its popular smartwatch called the Apple Watch Series 6. The watch has a key new health sensor, as well as features that will make the gadget easier to use with kids.


The new health sensor for the Apple Watch Series 6 has the ability to measure blood oxygen levels in 15 seconds. Apple says the sensor can keep track of blood oxygen in the background.


Apple also announced new services for the device that centers on health and family. The company says in one promotional video for the smartwatch; “The future of health is on your wrist”. It introduced a new service called Fitness Plus, which offers a variety of weekly workout routines for $9.99 monthly.

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The Apple Watch Series 6 will have a feature called Family Setup. This allows parents to set up their children’s watch to help them track their location and control who they interact with using iMessage. However, for the feature to work, it requires a cellular version of the Apple Watch, but the child doesn’t need to have an iPhone.


Apple Watch Series 6
The Apple Watch Series 6.


Apple unveiled the smartwatch at its annual product announcement event. The event was a virtual one due to the coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing guidelines. Apple also unveiled its latest iPad and Apple One bundles of services but the iPhone 12 was not announced.


The iPhone was expected to be the first one that supports superfast 5G wireless technology. However, its absence at the event could be because the company could not make enough phones to keep up with expectedly huge demand.


The Apple Watch Series 6 will be powered by the WatchOS 7. The software has new capabilities for watch faces, easier ways to share the watch faces you make, and a new feature to help track your sleep.


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