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Apple Reportedly Plans To Make More In-House Chips For Its Products

Apple is reportedly making more in-house chips for its products including replacing components it buys from Broadcom and Skyworks. Bloomberg says that The Tech company sources these components “wireless radios, radio-frequency integrated circuits and a wireless system-on-a-chip,” and “semiconductors for connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.”

Apple M1 Pro: Company releases new professional chip for its more powerful computers | The Independent

Broadcom and Skyworks supply most of these third-party to Apple. The reason behind the move to build its own components is based on efficiency and design. Most importantly Apple wants to be in control of the supply of its components.

Recent happening such as the global chip storage has made Apple review its production target. The scarcity of these components from third-party component builders like Broadcom and Skyworks has spiked this plan.

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Apple’s recent acquisition of Intel’s smartphone modem arm shows its commitment to build its own chips. The company already has bespoke In-house silicon chips for iPhones, iPads and iMacs.

Reports from Nikkei says Apple would be using its own iPhone modem designs in the year 2023.

Reports Say Apple Would be Using Its Own iPhone Modem Design In 2023
Qualcomm Currently produces iPhone 5G modems

The reports say that Apple would ditch Qualcomm to work with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company TSMC for its 2023 iPhone 5G modems. Qualcomm has already said it would be making just 20 percent of the iPhone modem in two years time.

Apple’s in-house made chip will reduce its reliance on other chip manufacturers while improving its software and hardware integration. It is turning out to be an interesting race for the most efficient mobile and desktop chip processors in the market.



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